Phriday Photo Phun


I’ve had enough of this damn week, so I’m going to fill this space with some pictures. That one above is from last September at a school in NW Portland that has a defunct chimney that thousands of birds called Swifts sleep in every night for a month or so in the fall as they migrate south. At about sunset, they all start showing up until there’s a giant cloud of them and they swirl around and around and suddenly form a giant bird tornado as they enter the chimney. It’s pretty awesome.

The rest of these will be random gifs from this disc full of gifs I have. We’ll see what fun things I find.

0_61a73_fa765f07_orig 0e4131b45355e180cb125de2b6ed0b60 0_81bbe_f6f4ecac_-1-MA2ktV6l abuse_250 p9USmhk PB2wXPq penguin-attack-o PFUO slap soccer_fan_rage SonyaTheBlackWidowThomas-620w


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