On Trent Green

Man, just thinking about Trent Green at all makes me laugh. We’ve been making basically the same joke about him for so long that when I see a Trent Green joke, or make one, it’s like I’m not just seeing or making that one Trent Green joke, I’m seeing or making all of them at once. Like there’s this whole history of Trent Green jokes going back for years, and every time you see one, your brain is remembering that entire history, and that’s what makes it funny, not the construction of that particular joke or anything.

Am I making any sense? I feel kind of dizzy.

— Trent Green


14 thoughts on “On Trent Green

  1. I still have big ambitions for my “Jake Locker, P.I.” series. I think I’m going to have to retitle it along the lines of a Robert Ludlum novel: “The Concussion Protocol.”


    1. In fact, if anybody here has read Ludlum, feel free to chime in with suggestions for appropriate chapter names, like “The Osweiler Weekend” and “The Marshall Identity.”


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