Posts To Make Jokes On, Ranked

1. Kontent Klearinghouse
2. Liveblog
3. Various football news posts
4. Creepy Fanfiction
5. Fans React Reasonably
6. Komments of the Week
7. The (Offseason!) Adventures of Joe Flacco and Matt Schaub
8. Scale of Sadness
9. Kill Kill Kill
10. Fun With Peter King
11. Mock Draft
12. This Week in Fuck You
13. Week in Review
14. Sex and Fantasy Football Mailbag

1001. Better Know a Backup Quarterback
1002. Getting hit by Donte Stallworth’s car while kommenting
1003. This post
1004. Anything by PFTC

(Pictured: Reaction to OSZ’s face.)


11 thoughts on “Posts To Make Jokes On, Ranked

  1. Also, I don’t think the sexbag came out last week. I’m wondering (hoping) if they’re retiring it. I think keeping it around presents…

    /puts on suglasses

    …too much Risk.

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    1. I like Trevor’s stuff fine but I found it irritating how he kept mentioning his wife. I don’t think there was a single week where he didn’t.


      1. Yeah, the sexbag was never a great venue for jokes even when Matt was doing it, either. This list doesn’t correlate very strongly in general to the quality of the posts themselves. PFTC’s posts are great, but they’re hell to komment on because he’s already made all of the obvious jokes himself.

        [overexplains list]

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      2. Yeah, I don’t have anything really against his stuff, it’s just a very hard thing to take over and have it try to resemble what it was. I think he could do a mailbag of some sort and make it something interesting, but it didn’t work for me to have him to try to basically do what Ufford did for so many years, and as mis says, his humor didn’t really fit with it.

        Yeah, agreed on the PFTC articles thing. Sometimes I embrace it as a way to say something even dumber than usual, but often times, there’s not much to add.


      3. Well, Trevor has admitted that his wife reads the bag and helps him respond, so…. I’m sure ensuring a steady supply of sex is more important than our annoyances.

        The difficulty I have in kommenting on PFTC’s posts, besides what Make It Snow said, is that I, for the life of me, cannot manage to do the misspellings and grammar errors on purpose. My mind rebels and I end up writing normally and then I erase whatever I was going to write because the joke is now worthless. My English teacher would be very proud.

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    Also, I’m assuming 15-1000 are “Anything Written By Johnny Sugar” for the most part, with the occasional “Whatever Video Game Thing RFD Was Doing” and “Old Articles That Are Still Funny.”


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