Two Very Dumb Questions

1.  So. . . Uh . . . Why do the teams get to prepare and maintain custody of game balls before games?

2. Why doesn’t the NFL just provide and maintain custody of the balls for the games?


10 thoughts on “Two Very Dumb Questions

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only person who has been thinking this. The NFL is not alone in their malcustody; I remember when Coors Field first opened, the Colorado Rockies were found to have been keeping their balls in a humidor to deaden them.


    1. They still have the balls in the humidor at Coors for what is worth. But both teams use them, so it is a level playing field.


  2. “You think you’re so smart asking questions like this! You’re not on the field, throwing those balls, launching your head at linemen’s knees, making bologna sandwiches, painting the broad’s bard side, charmin the squeezing, delight, fingers, oooooeeeeeeeeeeeee…”

    –Trent Green


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