Suproxx Ucks

Is this where we come to bitch about Uproxx? I know it’s free and all, and it’s petty to bitch about a free site that has changed its format to be mildly less convenient… so here goes.

  1. Yellow bar – sometimes there, sometimes not. Have to refresh to be sure someone hasn’t made the stale joke about Janay Rice apologizing for whatever is in that particular post, before I make the stale joke about Janay Rice apologizing for whatever is in that particular post.
  2. Side arrows – now goes to the next Uproxx post, not the next KSK post. This is probably my biggest beef. I just want to scroll through the KSK posts.
  3. White background instead of black – obviously racist.
  4. The image posting ability – meh, I’m fairly ambivalent on this. Finding the right pics and gifs seems like a lot of trouble to me so I don’t bother. I’m fine leaving that to professionals like Moose. BUT STILL NO EDIT BUTTON?
  5. All the items above have made the iPhone version of the site even more challenging (although I do like the “Discuss” button at the top of the post so I can go straight to the komments if I’ve already read the post).
  6. The odd thing is I don’t even see the benefit to Uproxx for integrating KSK like this. If it’s for clicks to sell to advertisers I get that but I don’t even see any ads on the site. Maybe my work PC is already blocking them, in which case just forget there ever was a #6 here, which leads us to…
  7. The whole RFD/Bud Light thing. I get it, you can’t piss off your sponsors. The thing is, I didn’t think RFD’s post was really that disparaging. The hashtag about pissbabyliarfrauds was maybe a little much, but the whole thing was clearly written in jest, and actually Bud Light could have had some fun with it and turned it into a positive. As it is, it just made us hate Bud Light even more than we already do.

Thanks for reading. Dissenting opinions are welcome, but will likely be met with scorn and contempt. BTW, Janay Rice apologizes for her role in this post.

– Monty


18 thoughts on “Suproxx Ucks

  1. I’m not terribly surprised the changes happened, but I am impressed that KSK managed to remain separate for so long. However, since the BroBible/TheChive people bought Uproxx late last year, followed by Sarah/Jack/Matt taking off (and leaving everything in the hands of younger and likely way-underpaid staff [Ape excluded]), I figured it was only time until KSK was somehow merged with Uproxx. My main fear is that it will just be absorbed into the general Uproxx Sprots banner and that there will eventually be no KSK–only WithSpandex will remain separate to cater to the pro-wrestling nerds (and they’re not even funny! I mean, as well as Stroud can cover everything, he’s way more cynical than he is funny).

    The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be, and I’m not talking about Suzy.


    1. I think KSK will end up exactly like With Spandex: A fringe site that no one at Uproxx wants or cares about. Hopefully, that means they’ll leave us alone.


      1. It’s hard to say because none of the UPROXX sites show how many pageviews each post gets. KSK has a kult following these days, so almost every post has a lot of komments.


  2. I’m really glad we set this up, honestly. As long as nobody gets us in trouble for libel or tentacle porn or whatever and we stay ad-free (except for the ones that WP puts up and I don’t get paid for) I think we can have fun here. And fuck what Uproxx has done to Warming Glow and Gamma Squad. I hope Vince stays at Filmdrunk, but if they ever start censoring him, we’ll take him here and not pay.


  3. Didn’t know where to put this but here is a good as anywhere.

    Bryce Petty throws his first pick as a Jets — pick 6 in team drills. Welcome to the club. #nyj— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) May 8, 2015

    Jets be Jetsing.


  4. All the bad kommenting lately is because of Ballghazi, not just migration over from other Uproxx sites, right? Right? Guys, I’m really used to being the only bad kommenter and I’m not sure I can deal.


  5. #8 – Ape wrote a post about the military and the NFL that got put in “Uproxx Sports” instead of KSK and got credited as Mike Tunison.

    It’s like they’re ashamed of us or something.


  6. They are going full Deadspin. Core kommenters don’t make money, page views by new viewers do, so bring forth the troglodytes. USA! USA! USA!

    /Janay Rice apologizes for her role in this response


    1. If they do go full Deadspin, at least start having an approved kommenting system. If they don’t, every komment will be like Underball’s.


  7. I think number 2 bothers me the most. Most of us couldn’t care less about 95% of the other content Uproxx pushes out. And as to more advertising, I haven’t seen any on my work computer since the first day of the changeover.


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