hey guys

hey guys


20 thoughts on “hey guys

  1. Can we stop “They hate us cuz they ain’t us?”. How in the ever living fuck did that come back to life? Shit was tired when I was in 2nd grade.


      1. I still remember during one liveblog, there were a bunch of THIS GUY jokes flying about, and he chimes in with literally “THIS GUY I CALL”

        And that was it.


    1. Honestly, I’ve been avoiding most of the posts that are “contentious”. I don’t understand how the newbies don’t get that KSK is a joke blog. We bag on everyone! Have a fucking sense of humor and either join in and add a joke or appreciate the funny that others bring. Is it really that difficult?


      1. I used the blah blah blah as a way to respond to him today, and in an effort to block out his posts from the screen as you scroll by. Then I went on a little rant, just for fun.

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      1. /grabs bag of hammers labeled “make it snow”

        Hey, this feels at least three or four hammers light of what I expected.


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