Suck It Rog

This is the first footnote in the NFLPA’s Notice of Arbitration Appeal of Tom Brady:

 We also note that one arbitrator has previously found that you, in particular, are unfamiliar with  proper NFL discipline procedures and have no role in imposing discipline.
 Art. 46 Appeal at 7
A cited opinion that Roger Goodell is incompetent.
This is going to be AMAZING.
<EDIT> I embedded the whole shebang.  Or maybe it’s just a link.  Goddamned free WordPress.

Brady Appeal Letter


10 thoughts on “Suck It Rog

  1. I used to think that it was a shame this involved the Patriots, because they stole some of the schadenfreude we would have otherwise directed entirely at Goodell. But fuck it, schadenfreude is not a zero-sum game. Let the whole thing burn brightly.


  2. I think what I love most about the direction Ballghazi is taking is that every dumbassed thing that Goodell’s done in his entire career is coming back to fuck him over all at once. It’s the perfect culmination of everything that’s come to define Roger Goodell: the scattershot approach to discipline, the risible moral posturing, the open cronyism, the way he continues to believe that his power to punish is without limits even in the face of firm and repeated correction. It’s all here. His whole career has been leading up to this one beautiful moment.

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    1. And he’s picked a mountain made of his biggest supporter to die on. All of his power derives from the owners, and he has picked a fight with one of the most important. I had always assumed that Kraft, Jerral, etc. were just using him like a big dumb-looking puppet, but this shows that he makes some of his own hare-brained decisions.

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  3. Is there any possible way this blows over? I don’t think I can handle this being a story all year. No one is going to look good at the end of this.


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