All-Day McDonald’s Breakfast: A Case For The Positive

Why not?

That would seem to be the question that needs answering.

It’s not like they’re back there making breakfast from scratch anymore.

They’re the biggest fast food company in the world. They can figure it out.

They could just add a $0.50 per item surcharge and no one would even blink.

Presto, McDonald’s. All-Day Breakfast.

Be one step ahead of the legalization curve for a change


9 thoughts on “All-Day McDonald’s Breakfast: A Case For The Positive

  1. I think McDonald’s is an age thing. I’m 46, (but don’t look a day over 45), and I can’t stand McDonald’s, even for breakfast. And I used to love their sausage, egg and cheese biscuits. It’s probably the knowledge that every time I eat one of those one of my arteries gets its wings.

    And also that there’s so many other places to get breakfast that are so much better. If you’re ever in Willimantic call me and I’ll take you to Nita’s. Polack’s make the BEST breakfasts.
    (Don’t listen to James. James is a dick)


  2. If I could get their breakfast burritos and fries at the same time, I might actually go there more than once a year.


    1. When you are creating the post, you can either put a picture right away, before any text; or there’s an option for “set featured image”, but on that one you’ll have to upload the picture instead of linking it.


    2. What Old School Zero said. HOWEVAH (Steven A. Smith voice), when I did the How to Improve Our Country post, WordPress chose the girl as the main image, not the King of the Hill picture I put at the top.

      WordPress is indeed wise….


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