Kommenter Beer Barrel: Uinta Hop Nosh

Last week.  

This week, I discuss an IPA from the brewing capital of the world . . . Utah?  Away we go to the land of STRONG BEER TAEKS.

NAME: Hop Nosh IPA

SOURCE: Uinta Brewing Company, Salt Lake City, Utah; and the underground mines of honest, inbred, blonde, gullible, wholesome Mormons, presumably.

TYPE: India Pale Ale

REVIEW:  Uinta is the best thing to come out of Utah since jazz . . . or, uh . . . Mormons . . . no, wait . . .

/Google image searches famous people from Utah

//Sees Beyonce picture

///Realizes Beyonce is from Houston

Beyonce!   Now, I understand that many people don’t really like IPAs, that shitty brewers will add more hops to cover the imperfections in their beers, that brewing a good pilsner is the surest sign of brewing expertise, and so on and so forth. This shit is really good, though.  It is an excellent combination of floral, citrus, pine and spice, and has a more than adequate bitterness you would expect in an IPA.  The hoppiness is less overpowering than many IPAs that are on the market (or that guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart and forced her to be his burka-wearing sex-slave for a few years), and it is really easy to drink. I tried to figure out what type of hops are used, but a cursory two minute Google search yielded no results.  Next time, I will use Bing.com.  Anyway, at 7.3% ABV, it is the John Stockton to your sobriety’s Karl Malone, because it will ASSIST you in getting drunk quite nicely. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

What’s that?  That’s a bad analogy?  You’re right, but go fuck yourself.  In conclusion, Beehive state.


BONUS MATERIAL:  Last weekend, I went to the Beaver Creek Blues, Brews and BBQ festival in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  My wife and I went to the beer fest part and drank way, way too much.  I tried to note the variety of beers that I sampled in my phone.  So for your enjoyment, here is that list in all of its glory.  Yes, I was wasted. Yes, I still use “gay” as a pejorative term when wasted (and I just had to look up “pejorative” to make sure I was using it correctly), so I apologize in advance.  And yes, the interlude was necessary, if not well translated from the iPhone to WordPress.

Oskar Blues – Pinner IPA

Copper Kettle – Mexican Chocolate Stout

Renegade -e3 Triple IPA

Mahogany Ridge – Cherry Ale

Grimm Brothers – German Red Ale

Great Divide – Rumble Vanilla Oak Aged IPA

Upslope IPA

Left Hand – introvert session ipa

Vail Brewing Company – IPA

Aspen Brewing Co – Independence Pass IPA

Fate – Pale Ale

Dam Brewery – Chili beer

Fate – Ryedorado

Crazy Mountain – pale ale

Durango brewing co. – black and blue – Dark lager and blueberry wheat ale

VBC – lime wheat

Grimm Bros – Kolsch

New Belgium – 1554

Strange Brewing Co – Grapefruit IPA

Dry Dock Lime Lager (balls)

Kannah Creek IPA – bueno

Grand junction – some brown shit

Interlude 🎸🎶✈️🏬🏣🛁🚪💊🔫🔪👓👓🎩🎩🏂🏂🏂🍣🍣🍪🍕🍆🍅🍑❤⚾⚾🀄🚆🚌

7 hermits – IPA

Dale’s Pale Ale

Grand Lake Woolly Bugger

Odd13 crazy double IPA bullshit

Breckenridge IPA – new decent

Copper Kettle – Charlie’s Stromg

Some gay shit

Fate IPA


28 thoughts on “Kommenter Beer Barrel: Uinta Hop Nosh

  1. I love beer festivals. And I love AMERICAN beer festivals, because you buy a ticket and all the samples are free. I went to one in Melbourne and besides the $40 ticket, I had to pay $2 per sample. That shit adds up.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. It actually does have some craft beers, but only on a very small scale. My local is called the Wheatsheaf, and in addition to being the best beer bar in the state, they make their own and it’s good. There is also LOTS of good craft beer from New Zealand, which we also get. If you ever see anything by Yeastie Boys, drink it. Adelaide is known for Coopers, which you can get in some well-stocked stores in the US. Try the Coopers Sparkling Ale, you won’t regret it.

        Also, I just found the thingy here that lets you see when people reply to your posts, if you’re wondering why this is two weeks late!


      1. To be fair, having known a few Australians, I suspect the casinos would quickly go broke due to the alcohol costs/consumption.


      2. It’s no society any decent person would want to be a part of, I’ll tell you that. Also, I just found the thingy that lets you see when people reply to your posts.


      1. I did a similar thing in LA and, even though they were samples, I couldn’t drink as much as you did. Not that I got drunk, I just got full.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m surprised Fozzie didn’t get banhammered for some of those pics. I guess we were all clicking the yellow bar too quickly to notice, but there were some NSFW ones in there.


  2. I recently attended a brew fest here in CT and I did not think to document my “sampling”, (which if we’re being honest is more accurately described as “guzzling”), because it would have looked a lot like your descent into madness as the day wore on.

    I’m glad you’re braver than I am, because that was funny. “Double IPA bullshit” is my favorite.

    Liked by 1 person

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