For those who watched Game of Thrones tonight…

GOT508_WERE-BONEDThat was… scrumtrelescent.


20 thoughts on “Hardhome

  1. Cheese it!

    /true story – one time John DiMaggio “liked” a comment I made on a friend’s facebook status. I could not have been more proud.

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      1. The best part was that, if my memory serves me correctly, the comment was football-related.


  2. At least it finally confirmed that Valyrian steel is equivalent to dragon glass, since (likely) it’s imbued with dragon fire, which leads to the R+L=J and Daenerys and the dragons all coming together to fight the white walkers (and that badass king of them).

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    1. My wife was yelling “I’m done if Jon Snow dies! Done!” right before he kerploded White Walker Darth Maul and I just explained to her. “No honey, Longclaw is Valyrian steel, he’ll be fine.” I never felt nerdier. Do you guys want to do a live blog during the last 2 episodes?

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      1. I might be able to participate; my girlfriend and I tend to watch it at/around 6pm pacific when it hits HBONow.

        I have a feeling we’re going to be left with numerous agonizing cliffhangers this season.


      2. I was using my Darth Maul towel at the beach on friday and then… BOOM! White Walker Darth Maul.

        My other beach towel is a teddy bear.


      3. I, uh, borrowed it. From NSZ.

        I actually took it as payment. That fucker ditched me at the Strip Club to the tune of 4 songs. Do you have any idea how much a 4 song lapdance costs these days? In this economy?


      4. Oh man, probably followed by Entourage. Two Mahky Mahk movies in a row would cause a singularity in my brain, and instead of exploding it would shrink.


    1. Sill, you HAVE to start watching this show!!

      /insert 20,000 word nerdgasm about the show and the books and George RR Martin.

      Now, let me tell you why The Wire is the greatest thing ever shown on television

      /another 20,000 word nerdgasm, even though The Wire might actually be the best thing ever shown on television. Treme, eh, not so much.

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      1. I made it to the end of season 2 on Treme and stopped. The music is great but it’s, I dunno, so fucking depressing.

        I like your take on The Wire… Indeed.


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