KSK Radio 5-29-15

Happy Monday, everybody!

I’m putting together some code to strip the youtube videos from KSK’s Friday posts and make them into playlists.  Here’s my first effort.  I wrote the code for getting all the links, but right now I have to cut and paste them into youtube’s playlist builder manually.  So if anybody knows how to write code for that, please give me a shout.

And let me know in the comments if you have any issues.


3 thoughts on “KSK Radio 5-29-15

  1. Thanks! Hopefully I can get the second part sorted out so will be practically zero effort.

    I just posted it under my own youtube account for now; Chris suggested maybe setting up a blanket Google account for things.


  2. Sweet! I wish I was more up-to-date on coding to help. The effort is appreciated!

    Did you create a YouTube user named KSK Radio?


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