KSK Radio – Archives

So I finished writing the code snippets I needed (or more appropriately, found some code samples from Google and tinkered with them a little bit) and can now easily make playlists of all the youtube contributions folks make on Friday open threads.  I’ll be archiving some of the older ones here.  Enjoy!

Oh, and if someone has the skills and time and interest in making a bumper for the series (i.e. an introductory video that’s a few seconds long to put at the front of all the playlists) please let me know.

KSK Radio – 3-27-15


KSK Radio – 4-3-15


KSK Radio – 4-10-15


KSK Radio – 4-17-15


KSK Radio – 4-24-15


KSK Radio – 5-8-15


KSK Radio – 5-15-15


KSK Radio – 5-22-15


10 thoughts on “KSK Radio – Archives

  1. I’m going to start gaming this system and sneaking in Dr. Sandra Lee’s pimple popping videos just to switch things up randomly.


    1. I wish I could claim credit for the quality of these – there’s been some excellent DJ work done in these Friday posts. I’m just glad they’re so easy to grab now.


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