KSK Radio 6-5-15

Is it me, or does it seem like the dissatisfaction with Uproxx is getting more intense?  Anyhow, I’m happy that Ape will get a nice bit of a break from having to do PK takedowns – he deserves it.  Here’s to hoping everyone has a productive work week; I’m setting myself a goal of having my first Android application programmed by Friday p.m.  If I get it done, I’ll set a new goal of finishing off one of the bottles in my liquor collection by early Saturday a.m.

And now, the latest installment of KSK Radio.  Enjoy!


25 thoughts on “KSK Radio 6-5-15

  1. Rikki, you do mobile app development? That’s the gig I wound up in here in Oz since they don’t make big ‘ol expensive shitty movies here. I’m not a programmer, but I’m doing project management and have a steeep learning curve.


    1. Sort of…I’m currently learning Android development and am about halfway done with the first app I plan to release (stalled at the moment thanks to a busted computer, though). More than anything at the moment I’m a jack of all trades coder.

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  2. ONE of the bottles? Jesus, be careful you don’t sprain your vagina.

    /checks insurance policy for rehab coverage


  3. Be sure to have your pain meds and a glass of water next to your bed for the first time you wake up after the surgery. Hoo boy.


  4. I agree that the dissatisfaction is growing like my penis upon seeing Kate Upton and Mila Kunis naked, making out, and motioning for me to join them in bed.


    1. So you mean the dissatisfaction came in its pants, had to take a nap, and when it woke up it found a text from Bud Winston with the three if them in a bubble bath, and then NSZ wanders in, drinking your best beer, scratching his balls in dirty tightly whities, muttering apologies for breaking your toilet?

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      1. It actually doesn’t feel that bad. It’s weird though, because my knee just doesn’t work. Serves me right for exercising.


      1. At least you’re showing proper respect for the situation, unlike this glory boy that you see here.

        /but seriously, seeing this made me comfortable that Bo wasn’t really hurt and would be back again next week.


    1. Damn man. I’m about 4 months post surgery so I can get you some insight on pain, pain meds and PT.
      You are going to really hate that goddamn foam roller. Good luck.


      1. Thanks. I am actually most annoyed about not being able to drive for a few weeks, even though it is my left leg. How long did it take you until you could exercise again? 3 months is what I am hearing for “light jogging.” I am depressed already.


      2. Yeah 3 months is about right. I highly recommend signing up for physical therapy at a sports medicine place. It’s aggressive, painful as fuck but very effective. Plus you get a workout. You should be able to drive in about a month. One of the guys I was going through PT with is finally doing lunges on his repaired knee and it’s 4 months in. Do all of your homework exercises and use the damn tens machine they give you and keep doing your quad sets. You quad is going to turn into Jello pudding and it takes a lot of effort and exercise to get it back. Toe raises, bridges, quad sets and step ups will all become very familiar. Oh you gon drank!


    2. Oh and at 4 months, I’m probably at 85% when I exercise. Still get some pain around the iliotibial thoracic band when going up or down steep hills. Take all of your anti-inflammatory meds as outlined.
      Shit, just typing this gave me a little jolt of pain in the knee.


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