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Hey guys, we’re starting to get some new faces (that are really old faces but WHATEVER) and I thought it was a good time to open up the old suggestion box.  If you have any ideas on site changes or things that we can do to improve things, on the front or the backend, let me know.  No idea is too stupid.


78 thoughts on “Suggestions Box

  1. Couple suggestions. I would like it if the author’s name appeared with the title. You know, just in case Sugar shows up over here.
    Also, maybe we should have WordPress Sports cross-post their articles to this site. That sounds like an idea that could only have positive outcomes, right?

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  2. Maybe we could do a roster list of the contributors and a quick bio.
    Example: yeah right, lives in LA on the beach, favorite NFL team Vikings, Hobbies/interests include cooking, music, fucktardery, drinking, guitar, walking for fitness, reading and travel.
    Likes smokin’ hot naked Asian girls and alcohol.
    Dislikes: trolls and disfunctional insecure actresses.

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  3. Voting Time?

    I put together a spreadsheet so we can winnow down our future name choices into voteable options. Here’s how I’m proposing it work:

    1. Go to this spreadsheet:
    2. Find the rightmost empty column. Put your handle/name/initials at the top.
    3. Select your five (5) favorite potential names and put an X in that row. There’s an example column to show you how it’s done. You’ll see that not all of the pure form domains are available – we can always work around that, though.
    4. Go to the top of the column, right-click, then select “hide column” (keeps your choices from influencing anybody else).
    5. Reply to this komment that you’re finished.

    Once everyone has had a chance to fill it out I’ll tally up the votes and pick our top 5 to vote on, which we’ll do probably by an instant runoff process.

    ALSO: As suggested by Yeah Right, there’s a second page for personal details.


    1. I think I did it right. I also added a row for Football TO the Groin since Darkest Timeline Zach Morris bought it.


    2. Finished! I can only figure out how to Komment using my Google+ account, which only works intermittently. But I enjoy being a hit or miss part of this insurrectionist venture.


  4. I may try a regular feature here if one of you gentlemen would be goodly enough to tell me how to post. I’m thinking about resurrecting one of the regular features on my dearly departed blog that I miss but don’t have time for.

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  5. I’ve been thinking of doing a feature, tentative name “Bottle Share”.
    Anyway I was originally thinking of doing a transcript of myself drinking a bottle of wine, or another time drinking a couple of bombers of craft beef, or a bottle of bourbon…

    Can we set up a time and date where several or all of us can do a live blog with the beverages of our choice?
    Say Saturdays at 4:00 PM PST. 7:00 to you East coasters.

    I like the concept of documenting the drunken festivities glass by glass.

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  6. Suggestion: my wireless router had its firmware corrupted and refused to work for me for the past two days. This is primarily due to the fact that my Apple laptop does not have a built-in ethernet port–yeah, fuck you, dicks. Since I have Prime and needed something else anyway, I got a usb ethernet dongle. It shipped UPS and arrived in Portland sometime Tuesday afternoon. It was in Portland for 24 hours before… UPS handed it off to the Post Office. Not me. Yeah. So then the dongle finally got in my hands today (I should have just sucked it up and went to a damn store, yeah, yeah, yeah), and after wrangling with some tech bullshit, I FINALLY re-entered the modern world and have home internet again so I can get back to the plans I had here.

    Anyway, my suggestion is that we need a better stocked bar. 1/3rd of a bottle of Old Grand Dad and an open packet of saltines is just not enough.


      1. I recommend fumigating. That tends to keep him away for a good while. That or just put a large dog crate near the couch. That tends to give him flashbacks to the breeding pens, and he’ll start to avoid those areas.

        I, however, refuse to stop drinking the booze. I’ve written the cocktail bits so far! IT’S FOR THE SITE!


    1. My guess is glitches, because it actually ate a +1 that I gave.



      1. Yeah, we can all do that, actually. I made all of you jackasses administrators, because I’m too lazy to go through and approve all of your crap. Please don’t make me regret it, I’m going to bust you all down to private if we make a real site out of this nonsense.


      1. If you are then please disregard whatever it was you think you saw me doing last night.

        Oh, and a couple of choice phrases you thought you heard earlier today.

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    2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the issue is with Uproxx’s comment system backend – I’ve been getting emails for komment replies that are over a day behind real-time.


  7. Btw, if the need ever arises for us all to have a conference call or something like that, I have a GoToMeeting account from work that we can use. It allows up to 6 webcams (may or may not be a good idea) and you can view others’ computer screens. We may never end up using it, but I thought I’d throw it out there, just in case.

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    1. This is a good one because when you guys originally included me in the email thread, I could not match up the KSK names with the email addresses.

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      1. I wish there was some way to incentivize him being funny. Like, give him certificates of participation or something. Stickers? Grape Job? Gold Stars?


  8. I have a couple suggestions
    1. To the people who have joined recently, I repeat my request for your Twitter user names, if you’re willing to share. Mine is @MontyStrange
    2. If your name/avatar here doesn’t match your name/avatar on KSK, let us know who you are. I like to put the pieces together. Like a puzzle. I like puzzles. I like turtles.

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  9. Not to disparage the current name, but with some talk of actually going to our own URL, maybe having our own name would be worth discussing. Something of our own design that still pays homage to our KSK roots, like “We All Float Down Here” except, you know, clever and good.

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    1. Big Dumb Football Idiots (we’d need to get Roger on board, though, since I think he came up with that one)

      Going Deep

      Door Flies Open (what do you mean that one’s taken? [ed. note–I haven’t checked])

      The Starter Life

      Falco Punch [ed. note–I’m not gonna search for that one, either]

      La Homo Nostra

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      1. I’d like to cast my vote for Door Flies Open, a literary* subtype that I think captures the spirit of sophomoric absurdity, adolescent wish-fulfillment, and gratuitous gaucherie that animates both this ludicrous enterprise and the Founding Dick Jokers.

        *Only in the most technical sense, and probably not even that.

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      1. We should seriously name and recognize an Otto Day. I don’t propose this entire site become a series of inside jokes about KSK – actually, I’d say it’s doing very well generating its own voice and style – but proper recognition and celebration of the people who made KSK what it was strikes me as both appropriate and the sort of thing that will give us the sexy, irresistible sheen of obsessiveness and veneration so common in celebrated enterprises like death cults and Politburos.

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      2. March 18th was Otto’s last post. That would be my vote for the Otto Man/MIA kommenter day.

        And I’m all for this becoming a death cult. That would just be one more item off my bucket list.

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