KSK Radio 6-12-15

Welcome to another installment of KSK Radio!  A couple of notes before we face the music:

  • If you posted something and it didn’t make it onto the playlist, don’t take it personally.  There are a few videos that won’t embed outside of youtube, so I have to cut them.
  • If you haven’t picked your top five suggestions for this blog’s new home, go here and do it now.  Thanks to everyone who already did.  Things are taking shape pretty well (it’s fairly obvious what the final five will be), so we’ll probably vote on the final choice later on this week.
  • Sorry about the ads – I don’t think there’s anything I can do about them.  Maybe in the future I can write some stuff to generate Spotify or Rdio or Apple Music (ugh, doing anything to support an Apple product makes me feel ill; it’s like rooting for the Yankees) playlists but youtube is it for now.



4 thoughts on “KSK Radio 6-12-15

    1. Of course…but the playlists come from the open threads over the weekend at KSK (I wrote some code that does it for me). Now if you wanted to get into an “all the feels” contest, I apologize for going nuclear so early, but homey don’t play.


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