We Live

I live Again

Kids, welcome to the new site.


We’re all setup, have fun.  Let me know if you see anything off or wrong, and I’ll fix it!


27 thoughts on “We Live

  1. Okay, now it works. When you go to log in, there’s a button for “Use WordPress.com login info” or something. Click that and then click log in and you should be good to go.


  2. Yeah, same thing with the log in. When I go to the new site I am prompted for log-in and PW but it won’t accept. I am able to komment from the old site only.


  3. Btw, I reached this page using the old site link. Will that still work or will it stop working at some point?


      1. Yeah, it’s fixed but now I am unable to comment. Says I need to login but it won’t accept my login/password. Is that due to the fact that I am just a commenter and not a full on contributor?


      2. I am also having issues logging in. It wouldn’t take any name/pw combos that I could recall, and I didn’t get a pw recovery email when I tried to get one.


      1. Oh, I’m not saying we’d actually meet your rate, I’m just thinking if we sent you like, $10 for Steam or something you could end up with, like… I dunno… $12.


      1. Hmm. When I go to comment, it’s asking for name/email/website, and my test comment is awaiting moderation. Also, I don’t see the WP toolbar up top like I do on this site.



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