Live Draft

Hey guys, would we be interested in a draft liveblog, or is KSK doing one?  I’m going to see the Avengers Thursday

but I’m more than happy to set it up if we want to do it here without getting screamed at.


42 thoughts on “Live Draft

    1. Well, we can change the comments to not need approval – right now, after the first comment is approved, people can comment freely but we can drop that for tonight if need be. I won’t be around, though, so one of you suckasses would have to do it.


  1. I’m glad I saw RTD link to this. Especially with whatever the hell it is uproxx is doing to the last outpost of good, honest indecency around there. I’ll go back to lurking now and enjoying your jokes.



    1. Let me know if you want to write any articles – we’re pretty lassiez-faire about what gets put up, since none of us are getting any money and all.


      1. Thanks. I haven’t written anything of substance since college over a decade ago. If I get the bug, I’ll give it a shot.


      2. Pfft. Like anything here except the AFL updates are “of substance.” I hire a new monkey from the zoo every time I put together a Bud Winston post.


      3. The AFL updates are great. I may need to pick a side to follow since I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be rooting for the Chargers. Fucking Spanoii.

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      4. You’re telling me. I’ve tried looking in the mirror and saying “Go [non-Chargers team]!” but nothing’s been convincing enough.

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      Seriously, I’m bracing my emotions for Ape leaving now. Seems inevitable. just doesn’t feel right.


  2. I’m sure KSK will have something – I myself will be in San Diego with a fellow Raiders fan and occasional kommenter Rodger.


      1. When I did mine, I had a lengthy pretend discussion about each pick, and tried to guess who would be the big storyline on draft night.


      2. I was hoping to be able to move teams around that will be trading. But I went for the whitest players I could see for Carolina and Green Bay.


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