Pick your guernsey!

Richmond “supporters”

As WhyEaglesWhy mentioned in a komment on the AFL Beat post, the special jerseys (or guernseys as they call them in Australia) being used this week for the Indigenous Round are pretty cool.  And yes, for the low low price of around $100 American (thanks to the exchange rate), you too can own one.  I figured I would post a picture for each team’s guernsey with a link to the team store in case you wanted to spend a hundy on something you could never explain to your wife and/or significant other.

Adelaide Crows

Two crows dive-bombing towards your genitals

Brisbane Lions

I understand National Storage is a sponsor, but damn that ruins the back!

Carlton F.C.

BTW, Carlton just fired their coach. They just heard the news.

Collingwood Magpies

That magpie is going to eat those hands. Guaranteed.

Essendon Bombers

If you wear this to bed with your S.O. you will get some. Guaranteed. As long as you look like him.

Fremantle Dockers

Prince likes them!

Geelong Cats

Gotta be honest. I prefer mine.

Gold Coast Suns

This one is super busy, but it works.

Greater Western Sydney Giants

From left: 1)Ha ha! I farted! 2)Yeah, you did! 3)What smells? 4)God, that stinks! I’m trying to pose. You’re an asshole. 5)THE BEN LIKE FART! 6)Guys? Can I fart too?

Hawthorn Hawks

No, you can’t see our asses!

Melbourne Demons

$160 for that? Do you want me to bend over or are you just going to pull my legs over my ears?

North Melbourne Kangaroos

Do they sell these at Jurassic World?

Port Adelaide Power

That’s not just a tree…

Richmond Tigers

Hey, some pictures are better than others. This is not one of them.

St. Kilda Saints

Handsome devil Saint!

Sydney Swans

I have no idea what that is supposed to represent, but it’s pretty sweet!

West Coast Eagles

The guys seem happy, but if you look closely, that’s one pissed off eagle!

Western Bulldogs

That looks cool! Identical to last year’s, but still cool.

5 thoughts on “Pick your guernsey!

  1. Brisbane: If that guy stood in any random grandmother’s living room, he’d be invisible.

    Gold Coast: This one would be infinitely better if each little dot was an LED light.

    St. Kilda: The Portland Trail Blazers called, they want their jersey back.

    Sydney: I know Finding Nemo takes place in Australia, but that’s no excuse for this.

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